Writing doesn't pay very well, but it does sometimes provide the perfect excuse to do what you want to do anyway. Such is the case with my new gig over at the Denver Voice. If the paper's editors decide they can deal with my particular style or lack thereof, I'll be going to interesting places around the region and writing them up and taking photos -- a travel column of sorts.

My first story (in the May issue) is about a trip I took with my dad, down to the rugged southeastern corner of the state. The photos here show some examples of the wide range of petroglyphs that can be found in these canyonlands, whch were occupied off-and-on for thousands of years but go virtually unnoticed by Coloradans today.

That's my dad and his dog Molly, in Picket Wire Canyon south of La Junta. A design was pecked into the foreground rock by some very patient individual(s), very long ago. One interpretation of these abstract-looking petroglyphs, which show up in several places in the region, is that they are maps of some kind. The horse, from Picture Canyon, was created relatively recently, within the past few hundred years.

Some of you may be familiar with the Voice. Homeless vendors hawk the paper on street corners for a buck each. For each dollar received, the vendor keeps seventy-five cents and the paper keeps twenty-five. I'm extremely cynical and on the lookout for tricky forms of exploitation, but the Voice seems like a real positive force in the world. I'm happy to be part of it. Please pick up a copy or three if you get the chance.

I've been shut out of the June issue, btw... But I hope to be back in there in July. We'll see.


Book update: The Art of Mountain Biking: Singletrack Skills for All Riders is in its final editorial phase and will be off to the printer rather soonly.